Sunshine Village Corporation Security Assistant Supervisor

Sunshine Village Corporation

Banff, AB

Why join us?
Known as one of the most stunning alpine settings in the Canadian Rockies, and ranked the #1 day hike in Canada by Lonely Planet, Sunshine Meadows offers visitors unparalleled views. As spring turns into summer the meadows are in full bloom and ablaze with colourful wildflowers, setting off jaw-dropping views of surrounding peaks, including Mt. Assiniboine, “the Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies".

What’s in it for you?
A ridiculously cool life experience
A plethora of lively staff events all season long
A chance to enjoy the alpine vistas
A summer experience that is outstanding!
And best of all, you can live on the top of the mountain with on-hill accommodation available as needed!
What can you expect?
The Assistant Supervisor provides protection and surveillance to Sunshine Village guests, staff and property. The role is complex but has a basic common responsibility to observe, record, and report findings that are outside normal situations. The normal situations may include interactions with guests and staff, contractors, and visitors to Banff National Park- where Sunshine operates its business. As well, there are other situations where attention to detail and reporting requirements are increased, i.e. When dealing in issues involving the National Fire Code, the Criminal Code of Canada, and the Trespassers Act. The Assistant Supervisor will act as an after hour mentor for all staff living and working outside the operating hours and may be contacted through the working Security individuals at any point.

This job might be right for you if you think you would really enjoy:
Assist in functional roles associated with the operation of the department; including scheduling, payroll, liaising with other departments and groups,
Provide safekeeping to guests and staff at any location within the Sunshine Village leasehold
Coordinate emergency response during shift and after hour emergencies
Respond to alarms and react appropriately with correct type and level of response
Complete checks of the physical structures on the leasehold
Observe, record and report findings that are not within the scope of Sunshine Policies and Procedures, Banff National Park and other more stringent regulations
Keep a detailed and tidy notebook recording all persons, and observations of interest
Generate formal reports to document findings in a timely manner
Possess general understanding of National Building Code as it relates to Fire Safety and Security.
And you have:
Must have completed Alberta Basic Security Training
Must be 21 years of age or older with clean driving record- provide abstract
Physically fit, reliable to work full time as part of a regular schedule, plus overtime when needed in higher level/ emergency situations.
Strong interest in emergency response operations, including a valid Advanced First-Aid certification
A desire to be part of a team that provides emergency response to the Sunshine Village community throughout regular shift work as well as after hour scenarios.
Excellent judgment, and communication skill suitable to deescalate potentially serious situations with the public, guests, and staff members alike.
Willingness to work a variety of working conditions; available for shift work (including evening shifts and on call) and willingness to stay overnight in duty room accommodation
Practicable experience in report writing and computer knowledge
Must have a good attention to detail in all aspects of the role
Attend and complete specific training programs, i.e. ProServe, ProTect, advanced first aid and Alberta Basic Security Training.
The Assistant Supervisor will take charge and be designated as lead firefighter the Fire Crew team at Sunshine Village and will ensure all requirements are being fulfilled by all members.

Can’t wait to get started? Great, because we can’t wait to hear from you! Talk to your supervisor, HR team or the supervisor of this role to learn more about how you can join the team!

Sunshine Village is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we value diversity within our workplace.